Sergio Gonzalez Prats

Hurdy Gurdy Player

Sergio Gonzalez Prats is a world-renowned hurdy gurdy player and teacher, director of Saüc Ensemble, and passionate about history, musicology and early music. He is also the author of “The Cranker” a hurdy gurdy book, that will be released in mid 2024.

Sergio Gonzalez Prats, hurdy gurdy player

Historical musicology is a passion for me, interpreting through the lens of the old treatises trying to import the style, articulation an ornamentation of the period is key for playing early music, can you imagine playing “swing” without actual swing?

Sergio González Prats – Hurdy Gurdy Player

As a member of member of the Spanish Society of Musicology (SEdeM) and the Escuela Hispanoamericana de Musica Antigua, one of the commitments of Sergio was to learn about historical performance practice and bring it to the Hurdy Gurdy. With the use of paleography and his knowledge of mensural notation Sergio González Prats awakens the sleeping music of the old manuscripts giving the pieces a new life through his work with Saüc Ensemble

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About Sergio Gonzalez Prats

sergio gonzalez prats hurdy gurdy

Sergio González Prats, a dedicated Hurdy Gurdy player and teacher from Barcelona, Spain. He’s also a proud member of the Spanish Society of Musicology (SEdeM).

His musical journey includes studying under renowned musicians, notably the Cretan Lyra master Kelly Thoma. Under Thoma’s guidance, Sergio developed a unique musical language, blending Mediterranean phrasing and ornamentation with a historically informed approach drawn from Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque sources.

Driven by his passion for music, Sergio has traversed the globe, offering seminars and captivating audiences in various countries such as Australia, France, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the USA.

What sets Sergio apart is his profound interest in the historical and cultural contexts of the music he plays. As a hurdy gurdy player, his exploration of musical traditions from diverse regions and time periods reflects his commitment to gaining a deeper understanding of the music he cherishes. This is also reflected in his hurdy gurdy book “The Cranker”.

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