hurdy gurdy plans

Hurdy Gurdy Plans

Hurdy Gurdy Plans for building a hurdy gurdy at home may seem like a fun project, but it is not for the faint of heart. Unless you have experience in woodworking and instrument making, it will be a difficult and frustrating undertaking.

Why it’s not a good idea to get hurdy gurdy plans?

To start with, you will need access to specialized tools like a bandsaw, metal lathe, wooden lathe, and a fully-equipped workshop. Without these tools, building a hurdy gurdy to any reasonable standard of quality will be impossible.

Even with the right tools and experience, building a hurdy gurdy is a complex and challenging process that requires attention to detail and a great deal of patience.

The result of all this effort, however, is not guaranteed to sound good. In fact, without proper tuning and adjustments, it is almost certain to sound terrible like a hurdy gurdy amazon.

If you are interested in building a hurdy gurdy but lack the skills or equipment to do it properly, consider getting a “nerdy gurdy” kit instead. These kits provide all the parts and instructions needed to assemble a functional hurdy gurdy, without requiring the same level of technical expertise.

Finally, it’s worth noting that poorly made hurdy gurdies can give the instrument a bad name. The hurdy gurdy is an awesome instrument that deserves to be respected and appreciated. So, if you’re going to build one, make sure you do it right or leave it to the experts.

I have woodworking and luthierie experience!

Ok! perfect I can help you get detailed hurdy gurdy plans or hurdy gurdy blueprints so you can start your research

Here’s a list of books you definitely have to read if you are looking for hurdy gurdy plans

  • La Vielle a Roue by Michael Pignol
  • The Wrenn Design & Construction by Neil Brook
  • The Hurdy-Gurdy: Adjustment and Maintenance by Philippe Destrem
  • Bau einer Drehleier by Helmut Gotschy
  • A Hurdy-Gurdy Building Diary by Nick Nourse.
  • La Ghironda by Marcello Bono

After reading all of this books you will have an idea of what making a hurdy involves, but you came here for plans, right?

hurdy gurdy plans

Hurdy Gurdy Blueprints

Hurdy Gurdy plans are not so hard to get if you know where to look for them, here’s a list of people and shops that can get you detailed hurdy gurdy plans.

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