Hurdy Gurdy Workshop & Masterclass

Attending a Hurdy gurdy Workshop is a great way of learning the instrument, maybe you don’t have time to attend a weekly lesson from a teacher. But who doesn’t have a weekend off? I’m Sergio and I taught hurdy gurdy workshops around the world. Let’s meet!

You will have the oportunity to learn from an experienced hurdy gurdy teacher that will give you personal feedback, what are your strong and weak points? once you know this, it becomes much easier to work towards your goal or becoming a better hurdy gurdy player.

hurdy gurdy meeting in catalonia

Also another very important factor of the hurdy gurdy workshops is the networking, you will get to know people that share your passion and this is a great opotunity to share your experience and learn with others.

Attending any hurdy gurdy masterclass will give you inspiration and motivation, by immersing yourself in a workshop environment, seeing professional and amateur players next to you can be incredibly inspiring and motivating, and can help you to stay focused on your musical goals.

hurdy-gurdy workshop in new york

Workshops often feature a variety of topics, this can give you exposure to different styles of hurdy gurdy playing and expand your musical horizons, we can focus in technique, ornamentation, repertoire, music theory, improvisation… everything!

Medieval Hurdy Gurdy Workshop

Studying medieval and renaissance music not only offers a glimpse into the past, but also helps musicians develop skills that can be applied to other genres. The intricate melodies and rhythms of this music can challenge and inspire players of all levels. And with the help of a skilled instructor, one can gain a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural context of this fascinating musical period.

In my medieval and renaissance hurdy gurdy workshops I will give you the oportunity of starting to understand the old manuscripts with black and white mensural notation.