electric hurdy gurdy

Electric Hurdy Gurdy

The Electric Hurdy Gurdy: A Modern Twist on a Traditional Instrument

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Electric hurdy gurdy has become a popular choice among musicians in loud enviroments. In this article, we will explore the electric hurdy gurdy and its various features, including piezo systems, individual outputs, and solid hurdy gurdies.

electric hurdy gurdy

Solid Body Hurdy Gurdies

Solid body electric hurdy gurdies don’t have any resonant body, they are like electric guitatrs, In loud settings or in genres like metal, piezo systems can be susceptible to feedback. In such cases, solid hurdy gurdies are a great option. These instruments are similar to electric guitars and can handle high volume levels without any problems.


Electro-Acoustic Gurdy

This hybrid design typically incorporates piezo pickups or other types of internal amplification to capture the sound of the strings and produce a signal that can be amplified through an external sound system.

The result is a versatile instrument that can be used in a variety of settings, from intimate acoustic performances to large concerts. With its blend of traditional and modern features, the electro acoustic hurdy gurdy is a popular choice if you regularly do concerts.

Piezo Systems V.S Electromagnetic Pickups

The electric hurdy gurdy is equipped with either a piezo system or an electromagnetic pickup. The electro magnetic pickup is a popular choice among hurdy gurdy players because it allows the instrument to be amplified without any bleeding of signal from the other strings, resulting in a very clean melody string sound. However, magnetic pickups do require steel core strings to work.


Piezo is a type of sensor that generates that works by converting the sound of the vibrating strings into an electrical signal that can be amplified. This option is often cheaper but tends to sound weak and thin if you don’t use a proper preamp


Outputs Multiple or Individual on electric hurdy gurdy?

The electric hurdy gurdy can also have one general channel or 3/4 individual outputs for trompette, melody, and drone. This feature allows for greater control over the sound of the instrument and provides the option to adjust or process each channel individually with different FX


In conclusion, the electric hurdy gurdy is a fascinating option that combines the old with the new. With its various features and options, it’s a great choice for musicians who want to experiment with different sounds and genres. Whether you choose a piezo system, an electromagnetic pickup, or a solid hurdy gurdy, the electric hurdy gurdy is sure to make a unique addition to any musical ensemble.

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