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  • Midi Hurdy Gurdy

    Midi Hurdy Gurdy

    The Midi Hurdy Gurdy is a fully electric instrument, kinda like an electric piano, it has no real strings, everything is based on a sound module. The MidiGurdy offers several interesting features: Firstly, it provides a realistic playing experience that is customizable to each player’s unique instrument. With the ability to adjust string tension, volume…

  • Electric Hurdy Gurdy

    Electric Hurdy Gurdy

    The Electric Hurdy Gurdy: A Modern Twist on a Traditional Instrument Table of Contents Electric hurdy gurdy has become a popular choice among musicians in loud enviroments. In this article, we will explore the electric hurdy gurdy and its various features, including piezo systems, individual outputs, and solid hurdy gurdies. Solid Body Hurdy Gurdies Solid body electric hurdy gurdies don’t…

  • Modern Hurdy Gurdy

    Modern Hurdy Gurdy

    The hurdy gurdy has evolved a lot since the 80’s, the work of artists like Valentin Clastrier or luthiers like Denis Siorat or Wolfgang Weichselbaumer made the instrument change and new standards arised. Weichselbaumer innovations for hurdy-gurdy

  • Traditional French Hurdy Gurdy (XIX-XX century)

    Traditional French Hurdy Gurdy (XIX-XX century)

    Without a single doubt, france was the center of the hurdy gurdy world in this centuries, the Vielle a roue as they call it in france was very popular in dance settings, especially in bal folk We can see many traditional instruments from the XIX and the XX centuries being played nowadays, they are fairly…

  • Baroque Hurdy Gurdy (XVIII century)

    Baroque Hurdy Gurdy (XVIII century)

    The hurdy gurdy was very used in the Baroque period, in the XVIII century it became fashionable in the court of Louis XV, Queen Maria Leszczynska his spouse was very interested in the instrument, she played it herself in the palace of Versailles. Where to buy Baroque Hurdy Gurdy Of course having a historical 1700…

  • Renaissance Hurdy Gurdy (XVI – XVII)

    Renaissance Hurdy Gurdy (XVI – XVII)

    Hurdy Gurdy during the renaissance The hurdy gurdy in the renaissance has a lot of mentions, it’s featured in many etchings during the fifteenth century, it’s often called lyra, lira or leier. When academics look at the role of the hurdy gurdy in this period they often stress the use of our instrument in the…